Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique: The Latest in Gum Recession Treatment

20 Mar

The Chao pinhole surgical technique is the latest method being employed in treating gum recession problems among people. However, before learning more about it, there are some essential facts you ought to acquire.

What does gum recession mean?

If you say gum recessions, you are referring to the condition wherein along your gum line, you lose your gum tissues. There are a lot of reasons for having gum recession. Some of the most common reasons include the natural process of aging, periodontal diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, and advanced periodontitis, as well as the more abrasive practices of brushing your teeth.

Should gum recession be considered as something serious?

Yes, gum recession is no joke and is one dental condition that must be taken of utmost importance. If you suffer from gum recession, then most likely, the root structure of your teeth becomes easily exposed. When it does, then the teeth along the gum line will suffer from various dental problems such as tooth decay and more. Owing to the fact that healthy gums are necessary to attaining a healthy mouth, you have to get some help from the professionals when you suffer from gum recession problems.

What is the latest in gum recession treatment?

As mentioned above, the latest in gum recession treatment is the one that you call Chao pinhole surgical process. Among the many methods used to treat gum recession, the Chao pinhole surgical technique is the least invasive among them. Compared with the traditional grafting method used for gum recession, the Phoenix Pinhole Surgical Technique for a gum recession is free from using any sutures and scalpels. As the name of the procedure implies, it was Dr. John Chao who first came up with the Chao pinhole surgical technique as well as the tools that will be used during the entire treatment method.

What makes Phoenix AZ Pinhole Surgical Technique process different from the conventional gum grafting procedure for gum recession?

When you look at the more conventional way of treating gum recession, that is the use of gum grafting, you will see that the gum line can only be rebuilt when soft tissue or donor tissue grafts are used. Once these tissues are secured, they will be sutured into the gum tissue of the person to join it to the point of its healing. Though this method has been shown to be that effective in the past years, the Chao pinhole surgical procedure has been shown to give comparable results sans the use of scalpels and sutures. Know more about surgery at

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